The devastating but all-too-common school shooting that killed 19 elementary students and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas earlier this week sent shock waves across the country and around the world. Calls have again been made for tougher gun control laws while others have lamented the use of a national tragedyRead More →

The RMA Awards For Rock, Metal, Prog took place for the first time on April 4th. The nominees were announced earlier in the year, and then a vote took place among RMA members and their panel of judges to determine who would receive the awards. The winners were announced inRead More →

HIDDEN GEMS An overlooked gem of Portland rock music By Al Melchior May 16, 2022 Portland-based musician and songwriter Casey Neill hasn’t been afraid to change his sound from album to album. When he came out the brooklyn bridge in 2007, he eschewed the Celtic and folk-influenced sound that formedRead More →

Scorpions, left, Chirkutt performs at the Golden Jubilee Bangladesh Concert at Madison Square Garden in New York, USA on Friday. — collected Rock fans rejoiced at Madison Square Garden in New York, USA, where rock music from East and West met on Friday night when Chirkutt and Scorpions took turnsRead More →

It’s easy to think that Utah’s sculptural red rock towers are immobile, if not immovable. Yet the rock towers twist, sway and sway imperceptibly in response to vibrations and seismic activity. Recently, University of Utah geophysics graduate student Riley Finnegan measured the ambient vibrations of 14 large-scale structures in southernRead More →