Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham had worked with Beatles manager Brian Epstein. Together they had helped shape the Liverpudlians’ image, but Epstein fired Oldham after an argument. “We were the instrument of [Oldham’s] revenge on Epstein,” Keith Richards wrote in his autobiography Life. Oldham didn’t understand right away. He triedRead More →

This new single is a commemoration and a huge celebration of the love fathers have for their children. Sarantos is an international award-winning solo artist whose music is both original and inspiring. The eclectic entertainer is known for producing music that comes from the heart presuming songs about the relationshipsRead More →

In this week’s music news, ‘Black Hills Soul’ is crushing the rock charts with its debut album ‘Where It All Begins’. We caught up with Scott (guitar) and Bill (drums) for some early questions. Guys, welcome to Muzique magazine. How did you find the name of your band? Scott:Read More →