A little late to add to the summer book list, but arriving just in time for those buying early – ahem – “bird” vacations will be ‘The Byrds: 1964-1967’, an art book by 400-page large-format collection curated by the band’s three surviving founding members, Roger McGuinn, Chris Hillman and DavidRead More →

Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham had worked with Beatles manager Brian Epstein. Together they had helped shape the Liverpudlians’ image, but Epstein fired Oldham after an argument. “We were the instrument of [Oldham’s] revenge on Epstein,” Keith Richards wrote in his autobiography Life. Oldham didn’t understand right away. He triedRead More →

This new single is a commemoration and a huge celebration of the love fathers have for their children. Sarantos is an international award-winning solo artist whose music is both original and inspiring. The eclectic entertainer is known for producing music that comes from the heart presuming songs about the relationshipsRead More →

The devastating but all-too-common school shooting that killed 19 elementary students and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas earlier this week sent shock waves across the country and around the world. Calls have again been made for tougher gun control laws while others have lamented the use of a national tragedyRead More →

The RMA Awards For Rock, Metal, Prog took place for the first time on April 4th. The nominees were announced earlier in the year, and then a vote took place among RMA members and their panel of judges to determine who would receive the awards. The winners were announced inRead More →

HIDDEN GEMS An overlooked gem of Portland rock music By Al Melchior May 16, 2022 Portland-based musician and songwriter Casey Neill hasn’t been afraid to change his sound from album to album. When he came out the brooklyn bridge in 2007, he eschewed the Celtic and folk-influenced sound that formedRead More →

Top franchise owners share expert tips for success in 4-part series BETHESDA, MD., May 16, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Bach to Rock, America’s music school for students of all ages, today announced the launch of the third profile of its franchisee profile campaign, which features top school owners in Bach toRead More →

Scorpions, left, Chirkutt performs at the Golden Jubilee Bangladesh Concert at Madison Square Garden in New York, USA on Friday. — collected Rock fans rejoiced at Madison Square Garden in New York, USA, where rock music from East and West met on Friday night when Chirkutt and Scorpions took turnsRead More →

It’s easy to think that Utah’s sculptural red rock towers are immobile, if not immovable. Yet the rock towers twist, sway and sway imperceptibly in response to vibrations and seismic activity. Recently, University of Utah geophysics graduate student Riley Finnegan measured the ambient vibrations of 14 large-scale structures in southernRead More →

Dominique Genetti, Digital journalist April 28, 2022 INDIO, CA – OCTOBER 16: Musicians Roger Daltrey (L) and Pete Townshend of The Who perform during A Desert Trip at Empire Polo Field on October 16, 2016 in Indio, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images) Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Their music is legendary.Read More →

Never afraid to have a point of view and looking increasingly at home as the statesman of rock, Noel Gallagher has bad news for the future of rock bands. rock, especially if you’re working class. There are plenty of middle class bands… who carry guitars instead of playing them. ButRead More →

After releasing two chart-topping pop-punk albums, Machine Gun Kelly announces that he is abandoning rock music for hip hop. Barely a month after the release of his second pop-punk record n°1, Consumer Sale, Machine Gun Kelly has announced that he is officially done with rock music for now and plansRead More →

The rock band Mr. Moto has always been phenomenal in their projects. The songs are organic and honest in every way and attract audiences with their innovative styles. (YourDigitalWall Editorial): – Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant April 23, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Rock Band Mr Motorcycle composed his last two songs, ‘Hard Candy’ andRead More →

Rush’s extensive series of 40th anniversary albums continues with an expanded edition of the progressive rock band’s breakthrough 1981 release, “Moving Pictures”, cementing its status as a well-deserved classic album. The album released on April 15 is available to fans in a few separate configurations, including the Super Deluxe Edition,Read More →

Mention the band Steely Dan in conjunction with the concept of yacht rock, and many people will get a passionate reaction. Yacht rock is often mistakenly considered bad music and is often confused with soft rock. But the opposite is true: according to MasterClass, part of what defines yacht rockRead More →

Punk rock has always been the hot-tempered, bratty young cousin of the rock family. Born out of a disregard for almost everything that happened in the 70s, it became the movement for disenfranchised and alienated youth. Defined by simple three-chord songs – played with speed and animosity – it defiedRead More →

The popularity of rock plays a very important role in the development of this direction. If rock weren’t so popular, then such music would hardly play through our headphones, through the speakers of our favorite car or computer. Many people like to listen to such music, although for some reasonRead More →

Foo Fighters swept the rock category at the 2022 Grammy Awards, winning Best Rock Performance (“Making a Fire”), Best Rock Song (“Waiting on a War”) and Best Rock Album (medicine at midnight). The awards come just days after the tragic and sudden death of the band’s longtime drummer, Taylor Hawkins.Read More →

Students at the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music hope to revolutionize alternative rock music culture by adding a female sound to a male-dominated industry. Sophomores Amanda Pasler, Eli Yaroch, Logan Renneker, Samantha Govero, George Staton, and freshman Jake Sonderman are the current members of Ex Monarch. Ex MonarchRead More →

Nothing could have prepared musicians and others in the music industry for the arrival of COVID-19 in March 2020. After the World Health Organization declared a pandemic on March 11, 2020, the industry , like everything else, has been forced to accept a harsh reality. : Things weren’t going toRead More →

When the Byrds released “Mr. Tambourine Man” in 1965, they introduced Bob Dylan’s songs to a new audience and launched a career that would place them among the most influential rock bands of all time. To celebrate this heritage, a new book offers a visual history of the group. OfferingRead More →

Rhayader and District Male Voice Choir changed scenery and genres last weekend when they visited a legendary recording studio. On February 26, the choir traveled to Rockfield Studios, located in the Wye Valley in Monmouthshire, to provide backing vocals for a local group. A residential recording studio set in history;Read More →

Photo provided Skillet doesn’t seem to soften with age. Over a 15-year recording career that includes 10 previous studio albums, the Christian crossover band have firmly established themselves in the alternative metal/rock universe. The band’s 10th album, 2019’s release “Victorious,” gave a grungy, industrial edge to aggressive rockers like “YouRead More →

Frank Mastropolo’s new book, Fillmore East: the place that changed rock music forever returns to the legendary and ephemeral place in New York. Mastropolo – journalist, photographer and former producer of ABC News 20/20 – interviewed more than 90 musicians and former crew members for an oral history that compilesRead More →

EDGEOUT RECORDS PRESENTS THE FUTURE OF ROCK MUSIC AT #HAPPENS @ THE BARBERSHOP (LAS VEGAS SPEAKEASY) Tweet that Bluphoria has completed its development phase. The group entered East Iris Studios at Nashville last January to record their first album with an 11-time GRAMMY®-nominated GRAMMY®-winning mixer/producer Mark Needham (MacFleetwood, The Killers,Read More →

During the 2022 BRIT Awards red carpet, it was revealed that Ed Sheeran would open the show with ‘Bad Habits’, the hit single from his album Equals (=). The announcement came as no surprise, as starting Britain’s biggest music event of the year with the country’s biggest star performing oneRead More →

Queen guitarist Brian May praised one of rock’s pioneers The Beatles and admitted that they are the pinnacle of rock writing and music. Brian May is known for being the guitarist and keyboardist of his co-founded rock band Queen. The legendary musician’s huge impact on his band Queen made themRead More →

As we slowly recover from the Coronavirus hangover, life is getting more enjoyable day by day. Last year we saw a moderate return to normalcy, with concert halls reopening and music festivals dispersing. With Glastonbury returning this year, after a two-year hiatus, we can look forward to the triumphant returnRead More →

The 60s are often over-romanticized by those who remember and those who wish. While they may not have been flower heaven, some would suggest, however, the decade-long period produced undeniably superb music that still influences and sounds amazing today. It took many attributes to make them a top rock band.Read More →

Since its conception, Rock Music has undergone a number of facelifts and body retouching. But everything from the carefree ballad of rock n’ roll to the muddy oppression of doom metal shares a common ancestor: the blues. Evolution and divergence from this point of origin resulted in an ever-expanding genomeRead More →

Today in Old White Guy Opinions: Elvis Costello doesn’t care much about rock music these days. The 67-year-old pop rock legend – who has just released his 32nd studio album, The boy named if – said in a recent interview that he thinks modern rock has lost its spark. “IRead More →

Since the dawn of MTV in 1981, music videos have played an increasingly important role in the industry. Artists and record companies are, of course, always looking for new ways to market their work. For years, musicians have visually enriched their live shows with elaborate costumes, sets and designer lighting.Read More →

Metaphor, allegory, and ambiguous language are often used in music to disguise the true meaning of a song. The lyrics to Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds went over the heads of many who were unfamiliar with LSD. Blondie’s One Way Or Another may sound like a romantic ballad, butRead More →

Emilie Weaving is not your usual Stem ambassador Lots of 10-year-old girls write letters to themselves. Few people say that when they are older they will be the team manager of Italian motorcycle rider Valentino Rossi. Almost 20 years later, mechanical engineer Emilie Weaving is stillRead More →

My As We See It column in the November 2021 issue of stereophilic was a sincere expression of regret over my inability to connect with current rock music. It ended with a request for recommendations. I have them. Moreover, most (but not quite) of those who answered found themselves inRead More →

Music photographer Mick Rock, who photographed David Bowie, Queen, Debbie Harry and Iggy Pop, has died aged 72. He was Bowie’s official photographer in the early 1970s, helping to make the singer’s alter ego, Ziggy Stardust, a chart sensation. Rock’s images have appeared on the album covers of Queen (QueenRead More →

Charmie Joy Pagulong – The Filipina Star November 14, 2021 | 00:00 Måneskin thinks rock music is coming back. “I think slowly, maybe it’s coming back. The fact that this kind of music is working really well again proves to people and bands that maybe they want to do it,Read More →

Rock and roll tends to take care of itself much more than the pop market. While most costumes tend to drop their big-name artists like flies, the likes of Radiohead and U2 wouldn’t be where they are today if they didn’t get it right on their upcoming tours. Again, thereRead More →

For every watered-down “rock” track that hit the charts over the past decade, there were still those working in the underground to keep the genre alive. Nevertheless, the genre still seems to be in danger. During the 2010s and particularly towards the end of the decade, rock tropes started toRead More →