Heavy rock music that helps ease audiences’ tensions: Dark Capricorn Rising is an eclectic band that produces dark and powerful musical masterpieces.

This up-and-coming new band wants to create music that delights the listener with classic electric guitar tunes that sync with their hearts and minds.

Dark Capricorn Rising is a heavy rock band working on musical production that dwells in a genre that helps audiences express their anger while releasing their realities. The group spends a considerable amount of time making sure the lyrics and music blend effortlessly so that the singles have both a personal touch and universal appeal.

This rock music consortium is both dark and powerful with thunderous drummers and brilliant guitarists who add a new layer of musical artistry to the final product of the single. The songs themselves attempt to draw inspiration from real-life experiences to lyrically compose a musical masterpiece that connects with the audience on many levels. In this sense, listening to the musical composition of Dark Capricorn Rising is a multifaceted process of both peeling back the hidden layers within the words while marveling at the musical symphony.

Some of the musician’s hit singles include “Long Time Gone”, “Land of Broken Souls” and “God Save Ukraine”, both of which are deeply desperate yet hopeful singles that act as a window into the minds of artists who created it. . Singles like “Long Time Gone” and “Land Of Broken Souls” are about tumultuous times of mourning while “God Save Ukraine” takes a uniquely political stance on things. In this way, Dark Capricorn Rising deals with both internal and external facets of life.

Perhaps what cements this group as a unique voice in the music industry is their sensitivity to their ability to create art out of some of life’s most depressing realities in a way that the public vibrates for even their droppings in life. It’s this twist in the narrative that makes this eclectic band a newcomer to the music industry and keeps fans hooked on ever newer releases.

Stream the inspirational artist’s music on YouTube as well as Spotify here https://open.spotify.com/artist/06tUzZYK8gctfYOcidmiaQ?si=t3mX-cmNSTSGBmY3-I79kA. Follow the artist’s official social media page on Instagram for updates on the latest music. For interviews, reviews and / or collaborations, contact us via this email [email protected].


Dark Capricorn was formed in 2018 and has three main members Rick Young who is the producer, guitarist and bassist; Rocky Di Lacovo who plays the drums; and Justin Williams who is the lead singer. All song compositions are the product of the labor of love undertaken by Rick Young and Justin Williams. Both artists understand the importance of emphasizing lyrics that connect with the audience as a precursor to a hit single.

The production of this music has become so enticing that music critics continue to call the new releases the best quality productions they have heard in a while. Dark Capricorn Rising now continues to create musical masterpieces that are on par with some of the biggest hits produced by some of the industry’s famous artists!


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