Rock Music Proclaims God’s Love Is “All Around”

“All Around”, the latest single from The Rock Music (DREAM Records) – a collective of singer-songwriters and worship leaders from The Rock Church of Salt Lake City – is out now. Featuring worship leader Steele Croswhite, the joyful hymn celebrates the omnipresence of God and encourages listeners to embrace the beauty he bestowed through nature, human relationships and the Church.

Written by Croswhite, starring Randal Topper, Joseph Young and Thomas Scribner, and produced by Nate Pyfer, “All Around” was inspired by Philippians 4:8. “With so much uncertainty in our world, disturbing news, and divisions that can easily bog us down, it’s so easy to focus on things that aren’t admirable, not beautiful, or not great,” Croswhite says of the meaning of the song. “The Philippians verse challenges us to fix our eyes on what is true, honorable, just, pure, beautiful and admirable; think of excellent and praiseworthy things.

“If we stop to consider this, we find God’s incredible love all around us,” Croswhite adds. “We recognize his love in creation, in our relationships, in the Church, through the grace of Christ, and in the love of the Father and the fellowship of the Spirit. His love is truly everywhere, we just have to stop and realize it.

For nearly two decades, The Rock Music has been dedicated to writing, recording and performing Christ-centered music without compromise. The collective, led by singer-songwriter, worship leader and pastor Steele Croswhite, has released 13 full-length recordings and seven EPs. Additionally, selections from The Rock Music are featured on DREAM Records releases God is not dead: a light in the darkness and Samson, compilations containing songs from and inspired by the motion pictures.

The Rock Music is a ministry of The Rock Church, a congregation in suburban Salt Lake City with a mission to share the hope and grace of Christ in Utah, a state with one of the fewest believing Christians in the country’s Bible. Through outreach efforts in the community, including those from Mormon/Mormon backgrounds, the church seeks to work together, in unity, to reach the world for Jesus Christ.

Signing his first recording contract at the age of 21, Steele Croswhite began his career as the lead singer, songwriter and guitarist for the acclaimed rock band Silvercrush. As the group won Billboard chart success and touring with artists such as Sheryl Crow, Foo Fighters and Maroon 5, Croswhite’s life was falling apart. He drifted away from his Christian upbringing, lured by the trappings of fame and reeling from his father’s untimely death. Encouraged by his sister to visit The Rock Church, it was there that Croswhite experienced the true grace of Jesus Christ and dedicated his life to the Lord. Today, he is a pastor and worship leader at the church.