The relationship between rock music and the casino

The casino industry has long been associated with popular music, ranging from jazz to rock, pop to techno. While the latter two are perhaps the most common musical genres in casinos these days, that wasn’t always the case.

The relationship between casinos and music genres is largely influenced by societal trends. For example, when land-based casinos were on the rise in the 1950s, so was the mainstream jazz music of Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong and Charlie Parker.

Naturally, certain types of jazz, especially slow, low-tempo music, were used in casinos. Arguably, this mellow soundscape provided a soothing environment for players, perhaps reducing any excitement from playing traditional blackjack.

As chart music has diversified over the years and new genres have gained popularity, it’s perhaps no surprise that rock music has made its way into casinos as well. We examine the historical relationship between rock music and musicians and the casino/gambling industry.

The sound of a casino

As notes, when you enter a casino you are often greeted by non-lyrical background music, which can be heard beyond the sounds of a card game being played and the upbeat chimes of a machine. slot. Yet many casinos have occasionally ditched their background music for a central performer, something commonly found in Las Vegas. Known as the biggest casino industry in the world, Las Vegas has been the platform for many rock artists over the years.

Elvis Presley is perhaps the most important rock performer who really paved the way for rock music in the casino industry. As reported in, the King of Rock has established himself as a record holder for the number of times he has performed in Las Vegas in a single stint.

Nowadays, rather than having a long contract with Las Vegas casinos, rock artists make special appearances. To name a few; The Rolling Stones, The Killers, and Hootie and the Blowfish, all of whom also hosted casino-centric lyrics.

Themed Slots

In addition to being present in land-based casinos, rock music has also infiltrated the landscape of online casinos. When the casino started its transition online, it gave online casinos the opportunity to explore new markets.

Slots are known for their array of themes, from fruit to fantasy, and from cosmic to superheroes, the online slot has begun to form a deeper relationship with rock music than its offline counterpart. line. For example, has a comprehensive list of available online casino sites that offer no deposit spins, and among the thousands of slot machines available, you’re bound to find a rock-themed one.

From Guns N’ Roses to Motorhead, and Jimi Hendrix to Megadeth, these famous rock artists can be found in character form on many slot machines. The artwork of these famous artists is also accompanied by deeper colors of red and black, with guitar icons and themed music, all of which work wonders to create a rock themed slot.

From live performances in land-based casinos by rock artists like Elvis Presley to online slot machine appearances by famous rock artists, this heavier genre of music is clearly no stranger to the casino industry.