10 Worst Gender Changes In Rock Music History

After being in the rock world for a little while, you’re going to want to start exploring new sonic territory. No one can play all genres at once, so it’s always nice to have some sort of evolution in your sound over time to keep you well balanced as a musician. That being said, all of this doesn’t need to be…you know…heard by the rest of us.

Instead of just coming up with an appreciation for the craft, these artists tried to reinvent themselves into something new and failed miserably. Whether it was not understanding the medium they were part of or trying to run before they could walk, these bands felt like amateurs as they tried to dip their toes into a new genre. It would be one thing to have a sound that didn’t work.

These guys went the extra mile trying to pretend they were something they weren’t or just wearing another kind of music as a costume so no one would remember who they were a few years ago. While you can definitely give these guys points for at least trying something new, you might want to stay away if you find any of these albums in the wild.

As of this writing, most people in the entertainment industry have begun to lose faith in Jared Leto. Even after starring in some heck of a big movie, his turns as the Joker and the crazy behavior he’s engaged in over the past few years has many people worried about what’s up his sleeve next. Whatever he has to do, America will probably be his greatest artistic betrayal.

At the start of Thirty Seconds to Mars, Leto actually had a big presence behind the mic, opting for the space rock approach to songwriting long before bands like Angels and Airwaves took over. In a post Suicide Squad world, the latest version of the group is almost unrecognizable, with Jared and his brother being the only original members of the group. And since Love Lost Faith and Dreams, they seem to have traded muscle for generic music.

While something like From Yesterday had the ability to kick you in the gut the moment you heard it, most of these songs sound like the usual workout music you’d hear to pump someone up in the gym. Jared, if you were going to steal a few tricks from the kids these days, you might not want to go the Imagine Dragons route and sell yourself for hell.