As we slowly recover from the Coronavirus hangover, life is getting more enjoyable day by day. Last year we saw a moderate return to normalcy, with concert halls reopening and music festivals dispersing. With Glastonbury returning this year, after a two-year hiatus, we can look forward to the triumphant returnRead More →

The 60s are often over-romanticized by those who remember and those who wish. While they may not have been flower heaven, some would suggest, however, the decade-long period produced undeniably superb music that still influences and sounds amazing today. It took many attributes to make them a top rock band.Read More →

Since its conception, Rock Music has undergone a number of facelifts and body retouching. But everything from the carefree ballad of rock n’ roll to the muddy oppression of doom metal shares a common ancestor: the blues. Evolution and divergence from this point of origin resulted in an ever-expanding genomeRead More →

Today in Old White Guy Opinions: Elvis Costello doesn’t care much about rock music these days. The 67-year-old pop rock legend – who has just released his 32nd studio album, The boy named if – said in a recent interview that he thinks modern rock has lost its spark. “IRead More →

Since the dawn of MTV in 1981, music videos have played an increasingly important role in the industry. Artists and record companies are, of course, always looking for new ways to market their work. For years, musicians have visually enriched their live shows with elaborate costumes, sets and designer lighting.Read More →