Active Rock Comeback Is On The Way After Korn Tops Active Rock Charts With “Start The Feeling”

Following the release of the one-of-a-kind album “Requiem” in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Methodist Church earlier this month, their debut single “Start the Healing” topped the Active Rock radio charts.

“Start the Feeling” debuted atop the Active Rock charts for a week last month, beating Three Days Grace’s “So Called Life” to No. 2.

Nearly three decades after their inception, Korn’s latest single made them modern pioneers by ushering in the return of the Active Rock radio format.

What is Active Rock?

As simply defined, the Active Rock format is how radio stations strike a balance between playing new rock music and classic rock music.

Various radio stations in the United States somehow moved away from the to accommodate the growing preferences and demographics of its listeners who wanted to hear more modern rock and alternative acts.

Former Sirius XM manager and programmer Gregg Steele Heppner described the Active Rock format as “a more extreme side of rock music that rejuvenates a bit.”

According to Heppner, the format was “essentially born” at WXTB in Tampa in January 1990.

So far, the radio station still broadcasts Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, Seether, Metallica, the Foo Fighters and Ozzy.

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Is he making his comeback?

As members of the community speculated about the return of the radio format, Korn’s “Start the Feeling” seemed to be the tipping point for some to ensure the format made a comeback.

“There really aren’t a lot of Active Rock radio stations across the country. And not a lot in the major markets. It’s always an accomplishment to reach No. 1 in Active Rock,” Heppner continued. .

In the early ’90s, Korn debuted his 1994 hit “Blind” on Los Angeles radio station KROQ Audacy. Now, sources have reported that the station has overlapped some time in using the old format.

A now-deleted KROQ job posting for an on-air personality who has “knowledge of the Active Rock format and audience” suggests that the then-era “Active Rock” radio station is edging its way into modern programming .

The switch back to the format also coincides with the declining ratings of its competitor station, Alt 98.7, an iHeartRadio station.

However, Variety reported that Audacy brand manager Mike Kaplan shut down speculation about moving away from the alternative scene, dismissing the rumors as “completely untrue”.

“My gut tells me…in the more urban centers of our country, the more aggressive Active Rock music doesn’t really have a voice,” Kaplan explains.

On the other hand, Korn manager Benveniste made the case for Korn’s importance today, saying KROQ plays bands that “can’t sell a ticket”, describing them as “a quick fix, a quick flavor of the moment”.

Benveniste also claimed that prolific bands like System of a Down and Korn, which just sold out two stadium shows with 25,000 tickets each, should be streamed over others.

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