Blynd Birds will release an immersive rock music album “Songs To Sink Yachts To”; Stay tuned

Author: Alicia Parker

Blynd Birds is set to release their latest rock album, “Songs To Sink Yachts To”. The group added some of their best creations to the album.

The very energetic rock band blind birds will release his latest album, “Songs for Sinking Yachts” soon. The album includes a total of 9 tracks. All of the band’s songs feature the highest craftsmanship in rock music. The tracks will familiarize listeners with different aspects of rock music. Using organic instruments such as bass guitars, electric guitars and cymbals, the band have created an immersive rock-metal arena that is emotive and energetic in every way. The members’ dedication to music and their passion for the genre is clearly visible in the album. Songs like ‘Mr. Abbott’s Misogyny Emporium’ and ‘Hate For Fire’ evolve naturally. Voice and instruments merged to create a euphoric atmosphere.

blind birds

Organic, revealing and honest in every way, the song “Burnt plastic” can make you feel the essence of rock music. Other songs on the album are well crafted and are written with relevant and authentic reflections. So, stay tuned for the release of “Songs for Sinking Yachts”. The album will soon be released on all major music streaming platforms. Listen to other songs from Blynd Birds until there. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Spotifyand their official site so you don’t miss any of the latest updates.