Foo Fighters, BMTH and Maneskin top Billboard’s year-end rock charts

As the year draws to a close, Billboard reveals how artists across genres fared on their wide array of charts, and it turned out to be a very strong year for Foo Fighters, Maneskin and Bring Me the Horizon. which each ended up overtaking some of the graphs.

Foo Fighters probably enjoyed the most success of any rock line-up this year, with the band topping the Rock Airplay Artists Chart, which was mostly filled with alternative rock-leaning acts. Twenty One Pilots, Weezer, Machine Gun Kelly, Rise Against and Royal Blood also made the Top 10 for Rock Airplay. The Foos also placed two songs in the Top 10 on the Rock Airplay Songs Chart with “Shame Shame” coming in at No. 6 for the year, while “Waiting on a War” earned the No. 9 spot. “Follow You from Imagine Dragons took the No. 1 spot on the Rock Airplay Songs Chart.

Foo Fighters also topped Billboard’s mainstream rock artist chart, finishing just ahead of newcomers Ayron Jones and Mammoth WVH for the title. Once again, they placed two songs in the Top 10 Main Rock Songs for the year with “Shame Shame” entering No. 6 and “Making a Fire” settling at No. 10. ranking for Mainstream Rock Songs was “Teardrops” by Bring Me the Horizon, followed by “Don’t Back Down” by Mammoth WVH and “Adrenaline” by Zero 9:36.

It was also a solid year for Eurovision Song Contest winner Maneskin, who turned the win into a global breakthrough. The group topped Billboard’s Top New Rock Artists Chart for the year, and they also placed their music in several other categories.

Another noticeable trend in the rock world over the past year actually dates back a bit from 2020. Classic rock bands with legendary albums or a collection of hits drove a lot of record sales in 2021. Queen topped the Top Hard Rock Albums Chart with their The biggest hits together, and also sat atop the Top Rock Albums Chart with the same collection. Veteran artists such as AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, Bon Jovi, Fleetwood Mac, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Tom Petty and other older releases placed among the top sellers of the year.

In the list of the best hard rock albums, the 2020 set of AC/DC Power on at No. 11 was the first newer entry to crack the chart, along with Greta Van Fleet The Battle of Garden’s Gate arriving at No. 19 and Foo Fighters’ medicine at midnight grabbing 23rd place of the year. Iron maiden Senjutsu was the chart’s top metal album coming in at No. 28 for the year.

On the Top Rock Albums Chart, something similar happened. 2020 Remnant Machine Gun Kelly’s My Fall Tickets placed No. 2, but you go down to Miley Cyrus plastic hearts at No. 12 for the newer next album. AC DC Power on arrives at No. 34 and Twenty One Pilots’ Scaled and Glazed landed at No. 47. Only when you reached the Greta Van Fleet The Battle of Garden’s Gate at No. 54 that a harder rock album from 2021 had an impact.

Check out some of Billboard’s Year End Rock charts below, and check out all of their charts from all different genres here.

Mainstream Rock Artists

1. Foo Fighters
2. Ayron Jones
3. Mammoth WVH
4. Greta Van Fleet
5. Five Finger Death Punch
6. Evil Pop
7. Chevelle
8. Seething
9. Royal Blood
10. AC/DC

Mainstream rock songs

1. Bring Me the Horizon – Tears
2. Mammoth WVH – Don’t Back Down
3. Zero 9:36 – Adrenaline
4. Rise Against – Generation Nowhere
5. Pop Evil – Breathe Again
6. Foo Fighters – Shame Shame
7. Royal Blood – Trouble Happens
8. Seether – Bruised and Bloodied
9. The Pretty Reckless with Tom Morello – And so on
10. Foo Fighters – Make a fire

Top New Rock Artists

1. Manna Skin
2. Curse of Surfing
3. Nessa Barrett
5. Beach Bunny

Top Rock Artists

1. Glass Animals
2. Kelly machine gun
3. Imagine dragons
4. Fleetwood Mac
5. RDA
6. The Beatles
7. Queen
8. Twenty One Pilots
9. Manna Skin
10. AC/DC
15. Foo Fighters

Top Rock Albums

1. Queen – Greatest Hits
2. Machine Gun Kelly – Tickets to My Fall
3. Fleetwood Mac – Rumors
4. Elton John – Diamonds
5. Creedence Clearwater Revival – 20 Greatest Hits Chronicle
6. Journey – Greatest Hits
7. AC/DC – Back in Black
8. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Greatest Hits
9. Glass Animals – Dreamland
10. Beatles – 1
12. Miley Cyrus – Plastic Hearts
13. Metallica – The Black Album
14. Nirvana – Never mind
34. AC/DC – Power On
47. Twenty One Pilots – Scaled and Glazed
54. Greta Van Fleet – The Battle of Garden’s Gate
56. Foo Fighters – Midnight Medicine
58. Iron Maiden – Senjutsu
59. Maneskin – Chosen
76. The Black Keys – Delta Kream
86. Mammoth WVH – Mammoth WVH
92. Rob Zombie – The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy
93. Evanescence – The Bitter Truth
94. Chevelle-Niratias
96. The Killers – Pressure Machine
97. Gojira – Courage
98. Ice Nine Kills – Welcome to Horrorwood: The Silver Scream 2
100. An unforgettable day – You are welcome

Top Hard Rock Artists

1. AC/DC
2. Queen
3. Five Finger Death Punch
4. Foo Fighters
5. Greta Van Fleet
6. Manna Skin
7. Linkin Park
8. Guns N’ Roses
9. Bring Me The Horizon
10. Metallica

Best hard rock albums

1. Queen – Greatest Hits
2. AC/DC – Back in Black
3. Metallica – The Black Album
4. Guns N’ Roses – Greatest Hits
5. Bon Jovi – Greatest Hits: The Ultimate Collection
6. Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory
7. Five Finger Death Punch – A Decade of Destruction
8. Nickelback – The Best of Nickelback: Vol. 1
9. Foo Fighters – Greatest Hits
10. Motley Crue – Greatest Hits
11. AC/DC – Power On
19. Greta Van Fleet – The Battle of Garden’s Gate
23. Foo Fighters – Midnight Medicine
28. Iron Maiden – Senjutsu

Rock Airplay Artists

1. Foo Fighters
2. Imagine dragons
3. Twenty One Pilots
4. All the time low
5. Weezer
6. Machine Gun Kelly
7. black bear
8. Billie Eilish
9. Stand up against
10. Royal Blood

Airplay Rock Songs

1. Imagine dragons – “Follow you”
2. Machine Gun Kelly X blackbear – “My Ex’s Best Friend”
3. All Time Low featuring blackbear – “Monsters”
4. Weezer – “All My Favorite Songs”
5. Rise Against – “Nowhere Generation”
6. Foo Fighters – “Shame Shame”
7. Twenty One Pilots – “Shy Away”
8. Cage the Elephant – “Skin and Bones”
9. Foo Fighters – “Waiting for a War”
10. Billie Eilish – “Therefore I Am”

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