Guns N’ Roses Classics Hit Rock Charts With ‘Thor’ Syncs – Billboard

Guns N’ Roses Herbal Tea Billboardcharts dated July 23 thanks to songs from the band’s catalog scoring syncs in the film Thor: Love and Thunderwhich opened on July 8 and has since reigned supreme at the box office.

Axl Rose-front’s 1980s classics “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and “Welcome to the Jungle” hit the Hot Hard Rock Songs chart at numbers 2 and 3, respectively. They also charted at No. 7 and 13 on Hot Rock Songs and No. 10 and 17 on Hot Rock & Alternative Songs. (Older songs are eligible for BillboardThe multimetric charts of if they rank in the top half and have a significant reason for their resurgences.)

During the July 8-14 tracking week, “Child” gained 6 million official US streams (up 5%) and sold 2,500 downloads (up 106%), while “Jungle” racked up 3.2 million streams (a 14% increase) and sold 1,400 (up 127%), according to Luminate. They also garnered 1.3 million and 999,000 viewership impressions, respectively, during the same period on stations that report at Billboard‘s Radio Songs chart.

Simultaneously, “Child” appeared at No. 2 on Hard Rock Streaming Songs and Hard Rock Digital Song Sales, No. 4 on Digital Rock Song Sales, and No. 10 on Streaming Rock Songs while also doing the all-genre digital song sales chart at No. 33.

“Jungle,” meanwhile, ranks #3 on Hard Rock Digital Song Sales, #10 on Digital Rock Song Sales, and #14 on Hard Rock Streaming Songs.

Elsewhere, “Paradise City” and “November Rain”, both also heard in Thor, tied to Hard Rock digital song sales at No. 7 (1,100 sold, up 120%) and No. 12 (900, up 165%), while the former enters digital song sales Rock at No. 20 and is No. 21 on Hard Rock Streaming Songs. “Paradise” received 2.8 million streams (virtually the same number as the previous tracking period), while “November” drew 1.7 million, up 14%.

An additional non-GNR song from Thor appears on Hard Rock Digital Song Sales: Dio’s 1983 anthem “Rainbow in the Dark”, at No. 11 (900 sold, up 406%).

Every GNR song featured in Thor made the Billboard Hot 100 upon its original release. “Child” reigned for two weeks in September 1988, followed by “Jungle” (#7, December 1988), “Paradise” (#5, March 1989) and “November” (#3, August 1992).

In total, the Guns N’ Roses catalog gained 9% in streams from July 8-14, from 15.9 million the previous week to 17.3 million. The band’s digital song downloads also increased 103%, from 3,800 purchases to 7,800, and its album sales jumped 31%, from 3,000 to 4,000 copies.

GNR The biggest hits album simultaneously climbs 70-57 on the Billboard 200, with 14,000 equivalent album units earned, up 13%.

The band help break into the top three of the ’80s on Hot Hard Rock Songs, as Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” reigns supreme for a second week, sparked by its Netflix sync. stranger things. “Puppets,” originally released in 1986 (while “Child” and “Jungle” arrived in 1987), drew 10.6 million streams from July 8-14, a gain of 10%.