Måneskin: Rock music is coming back!

Charmie Joy Pagulong – The Filipina Star

November 14, 2021 | 00:00

Måneskin thinks rock music is coming back.

“I think slowly, maybe it’s coming back. The fact that this kind of music is working really well again proves to people and bands that maybe they want to do it, but the labels tell them it’s not possible,” bassist Victoria De Angelis replied when asked. she was asked about the rock era. culture “that has become unpopular over the past decade” at a global press conference.

Powerful bands like Måneskin (pronounced like “moan-EH-skin”) “will give them hope, to be free of what they have to do and what they want.”

Victoria also shared how cool it was to see their fans texting them and saying, “They start buying their instruments, starting bands and stuff like that and it’s like crazy. I think that might help.

The flamboyant Italian rock band, consisting of frontman Damiano David, Victoria, guitarist Thomas Raggi and drummer Ethan Torchio, bring back rock ‘n roll with their “raw, energetic, distorted sound”, challenging gender stereotypes with androgynous outfits.

From “travelling musicians” performing on the streets of Rome in 2015, the quartet officially became a band a year later. They got their first international break after winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song Zitti e buoni.

Today, Måneskin is rapidly becoming “one of the most popular rock bands of the new generation”.

With billions of streams on digital music platforms and sold-out concerts, Måneskin is reintroducing rock music to the mainstream music scene, including with his worldwide hits I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE, the cover of The Four Season Beggin’ and the last MAMMAMIA.

According to the press release, the music video for I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE gained 6.7 million streams in just 24 hours on YouTube after its world premiere on July 15.

The group also went to No. 1 on Spotify Global Top 50 Chart with Beggin’, with I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE cracking the UK Singles Chart – both songs in the Top 10, making Måneskin the “first Italian band in the world”. music history to crack the UK Top Ten with two singles at the same time.

So far, Beggin’ has charted in the Top 10 in 63 countries, I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE in 35, and the group has also achieved 24 platinum certifications and 16 gold certifications worldwide.

The single MAMMAMIA debuted at No. 24 on Spotify’s global chart. “This is the highest debut of all new Friday releases and the highest of the bunch so far.”

Måneskin released his debut album Il ballo della vita in 2018 and last March he released the second album Teatro d’ira – Vol. I.

When the band members recently announced their “LOUD KIDS” European tour, tickets sold out in just two hours.

On top of that, Måneskin (Danish for “moonlight”) has also been nominated for the 2021 MTV Europe Music Awards (EMA) which will take place in Budapest, Hungary on November 14 (November 15 at 3 a.m. PT). from Manila with the same day broadcast at 8 p.m.) as Best Group and Best Rock.

Måneskin goes down in history as “the first Italian artist to be nominated in three categories (including Best Italian Band) and the first for an Italian band to be named Best Band and Best Rock.

MAMMAMIA, produced by Fabrizio Ferraguzzo and the band itself, was “recorded live to keep the sound raw and rough”. With the track, the Italian musicians showed their “ironic side for the first time”.

“Although it’s a rock song, the track also brings dance and club vibes, starting with a powerful bass riff and rhythmic drums. The tongue-in-cheek lyrics speak to people’s perception of of your behavior, when your intentions and thoughts are really different,” the band said in a statement.

Victoria shared in a virtual call that they had “fun doing it”.

“It’s a very stupid, very careless song. Whenever we do something like that, we just try to have fun and enjoy it. So we are very happy with the results… This song came out very naturally,” she added. MAMMAMIA was written right after the band won Eurovision.

Damiano admitted that they got a lot of attention after winning the songwriting contest grand prize. They felt good but there were also people who “criticized” them.

“I wanted to translate that into the lyrics of the song because it happens a lot. You think you’re doing something right, but people just don’t understand it, they give bad judgments and bad comments,” Damiano said.

The chorus is more about “sex life, sometimes people have their preferences which can be weird or weird,” he added.

MAMMAMIA, a common expression in Italy, is the ironic version of the group of Italian stereotypes.

“We wanted to make fun of the (Italian) stereotype because we feel we are very, very far from that stereotype.” People are always talking about how we act on stage and off stage. They accuse us of being savages… We’re hot because we’re Italian (laughs). All natural,” Damiano asserted.