Metallica and Linkin Park Do Well on Nielsen’s 2017 Mid-Year Rock Charts

Two of rock’s giants – Metallica and Linkin Park – proved their staying power in terms of music sales as Nielsen released their mid-year rock charts.

For Metallica, they topped two of the sales charts with their Wired…to Self-Destruct album. The record is No. 1 on the Top 10 Rock Albums chart, which takes into account equivalent album units and music streams as well. The album totaled 540,000 units between December 30, 2016 and June 29, 2017, finishing just ahead of Twenty One Pilots. blurred face and the Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 soundtrack.

The group also topped the Top 10 best-selling rock albums mid-year, based on pure album sales, with 487,000 units. The rock charts are a little more inclusive, welcoming a selection of Alt-Rock and even a few pop-leaning artists into the equation. You have to go down to No. 6 on the Top 10 Selling Rock Albums list before you find Linkin Park’s One more light, which sold 130,000 units.

Linkin Park also scored big on the Mid-Year Top 10 Selling Digital Rock Songs chart, with their collaboration with Kiiara on the song “Heavy” ranking second for the year with 361,000 units sold, well behind 905,000. from “Believer” by Imagine Dragons. which tops the list. Several alternative crossover acts also made the cut, with Twenty One Pilots’ “Heathens” at No. 4 (329,000), “Human by Rag’N’Bone Man at No. 5 (248,000), “Way Down We Go by Kaleo at No. 4 (248,000). .6 (219,000) and The Revivalists’ “Wish I Knew You” at No. 8 (147,000). Disturbed’s 2015 cover of “The Sound of Silence” continues to thrive on the chart through 2017, ranking seventh with 211,000 sold.

According to Billboard, total rock album consumption, based on equivalent album units, fell 7.8% in the first half of 2017. Total rock album sales also fell 20.9%. % and digital rock song sales fell 27.9%. However, it can be shown as a continuous change in the way people consume music. Overall streaming of rock songs jumped 21.6%, while on-demand audio streams soared 36.5%.

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