Mick Jagger says Machine Gun Kelly and Yungblud bring “life” to rock music today

Mick Jagger has said that artists like Yungblud and Machine Gun Kelly are bringing a bit of “life back” to rock and roll today.

“In rock music you need energy, and there haven’t been a lot of new rock singers,” Jagger, 78, said in an interview. “Now there are a few. You have Yungblud and Machine Gun Kelly. That kind of post-punk vibe makes me think there’s still some life in rock and roll.

Machine Gun Kelly recently released their sixth album Consumer Sale, and is set to hit the road with Avril Lavigne, along with opening acts Willow, Iann Dior and Trippie Redd, plus collaborator Travis Barker on an upcoming arena tour. Yungblud, who recently released single “The Funeral,” a sequel to his 2020 album Weird!called Jagger an inspiration in a past interview.

“I’m not crazy to be here for 10 minutes, have a hit song, have a fucking mansion, take too many drugs and kill myself,” Yungblud said. “I want to do this until I look like Mick Jagger. He’s still hot as fuck.

The Rolling Stones, who recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of their 18th album tattoo yourself with a reissue, are set to play a collection of shows in Europe to celebrate the band’s 60th anniversary, and Jagger has no plans of retiring anytime soon.

“I don’t plan on this being the last tour,” Jagger said. “I love being on tour. I don’t think I would if I didn’t enjoy it. I love going on stage and doing my stuff. That’s what I do. I want everyone to be have fun and forget about the problems in his life for a few hours and relax and have a good afternoon and evening.

Photo: Kevin Mazur