Miley Cyrus’ album ranks #1. 1 on the rock charts – Sonoma State Star

Others think differently, like Sonoma State Senior Sophia Emad, “I like Mileys’ album because it’s different from her previous stage of music and sounds less like a pop album. Also, I think it was really catchy and attracted everyone instead of just one group of listeners.

During her interview with Alexandra Cooper on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, she shared her knowledge of rock by mentioning Nirvana leading to her statement “..throughout my career, I’ve felt like to have been able to introduce my fans to the music they may not know..” By this and his covers, we know that Cyrus is well aware of rock’s roots – although he was not executed in the making of “Plastic Hearts”.

She was joined on the album with several music legends Joan Jett, Stevie Nicks and Billy Idol. His first song released before the rest of the album was “Midnight Sky”, which is a tribute to Stevie Nicks’ “Edge of Seventeen”. This track features a fast beat, an 80s synth vibe and an uplifting message related to her divorce from her former husband, Liam Hemsworth. After the release of “Midnight Sky”, she included a separate song titled “Edge of Midnight” featuring Stevie Nicks. Some critics call this track a “tribute” and others call it a “scam”. The same requests have been made about Cyrus’ “Prisoner” starring Dua Lipa, as it sounds surprisingly similar to Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical.”

Cyrus also seemed to have dabbled in the world of punk with the help of featured artist, Billy Idol. Some people’s discomfort with this track may stem from the fact that Idol’s vocals are incredibly auto-tuned for the first time. Their song “Night Crawling” seems to have motivated the majority of his album cover, given the theme captured by ’80s punk with leather outfits, shags and chains.

Coming from a day one fan, it’s hard to say that for what it is, Miley Cyrus has released a great pop album, but an inferior rock album. “Plastic Hearts” may not have been what rock connoisseurs were hoping for, but many have faith in the future of his rock career. Maybe Gen Z just isn’t ready and would turn down a purely classified rock album, which would end up hurting Miley Cyrus’ career.