Monster Hunter Rise Rock Music DLC will add four tracks

Capcom announced that it will add four new music tracks in the upcoming Monster BGM: Rock Version DLC pack for Rise of the Monster Hunter. It will include the rock version of “Breath of Ire” previously shown at Tokyo Game Show 2021. The track will be available in two versions. One will feature vocals from Japanese singer Konomi Suzuki, and another will be instrumental only. Capcom will announce the other two titles later.

The company also released a new trailer promoting the upcoming DLC ​​pack. It shows Konomi Suzuki recording his vocals for the rock rendition of Wind Serpent Ibushi’s battle theme in a studio.

The rock version of “Breath of Ire” was the new music track for Rise of the Monster Hunter which Capcom teased for Tokyo Game Show 2021. Konomi Suzuki performed the song in person with the lyrics based on the monster hunter original language of the universe. Shortly after the performance, the show’s host announced that Capcom would be adding the rock rendition into the game as DLC in December 2021.

Rise of the Monster Hunter is currently available on Nintendo Switch. Capcom will add crossover content from sonic the hedgehog in November 2021. The Rock Music DLC pack will follow in December 2021. The PC version of the game will be available on Steam the following month on January 12, 2022.