More ways to stay cool with summer essentials

This 4th of July weekend, Rob Thomas would probably say, “Man, it’s hot,” just another indicator that summer is officially here. And no matter what you have planned for the months to come, Rock Music Menu has dug up a few items that are guaranteed to make your dog days even cooler; Literally as well as figuratively.

We’ve highlighted the necessities for the road, home, and everywhere in between to think about picking up during those long hours in the sun – or in the air conditioning. This week’s theme is to get out, whether on a long vacation or into the woods for the day – and look good doing it with the best organizer packs for your suitcase, pack for your back and what you need. you’ll need to feel better no matter what.

Let’s discover the second installment of our “Summer Essentials” series for 2022.


Whether you’re having a fun day out at Ridley Creek State Park or going to Jim Thorpe for a quick night under the stars, you need to have the right bag for the hike. We’ve been longtime fans of Osprey, approaching 50, and their expertly designed backpacks for mountain biking, mountaineering, travel, everyday use and, of course, hiking, which is the goal. here.

The Talon/Tempest family is a series of versatile technical packs, the former being for men and the Tempest for women (there is also a child size for each) that promotes dynamic body movement. Sustainably designed with high tenacity recycled nylon, the lightweight bags are available in various sizes, colors and capacities ranging from six liters to 40L for women and 44L for men.

Packs include a BioStretch harness, continuous coil hipbelt, and injection-molded foam AirScape backpanel suspension that moves with you as you navigate the roughest, most technical terrain. Perfect for all-day adventures and even a streamlined overnight, they range from lightweight to mid-volume packs with selling points like a hydration reservoir sleeve and attachment points for hiking poles and ice axes. . Visit to see the full range of packs.


If your vacation time away from home takes you further than local forestry, there’s a way to avoid the explosion of clothes when you open the suitcase when you reach your destination. Like any good luggage company, Away offers everything from suitcases to duffle bags to tote bags. But one of their most popular products is their simplest, which also saves a lot of time.

Away’s packing cubes compress and organize everything in your suitcase, from socks to shirts to larger items. Made from water-resistant nylon that protects your clothes, they’re designed with a mesh panel to make it easy to find what you need without completely unpacking. Available in sets of four and six, there’s even a “shoe cube.” Not having to empty a suitcase trying to find a t-shirt changes the whole travel game…or at least gives you more time to soap up. Take a flight to to see the brand’s full range.


Speaking to guys everywhere, we know that when the weather is like this and the endorphins have been high on the hiking trail or mowing the lawn, chances are we won’t we’re not going to bring home the most beloved aroma. Noses will burn. We will stink.

Fortunately, Dr. Squatch, whose slogan is “Feel like a man, smell like a champion” and has a pipe-smoking Bigfoot as his mascot, is more than willing to offer his help. In fact, the men’s personal care company just launched a limited-edition “Freedom Fresh” line of soaps and deodorants just in time for the holiday weekend. There is an option to choose an assortment, either the “Bundle of the Free” or “Bundle of the Brave” to taste each. Both are “Boardwalk Breeze” scented, with the soap containing the nourishing power of red root tea, which was used as a replacement for black tea during the Revolutionary War. The deodorant works with natural deodorants like probiotics, charcoal, and arrowroot powder.

Doc Squatch boasts of being all natural with no harmful ingredients. It started as a nature-inspired niche without being too crunchy in 2013 and has since risen to the level of Super Bowl commercials and carried over to a major retailer like Walmart. Not too shabby – but not incredibly surprising – with a host of soaps that not only smell good with names like ‘Coconut Castaway’ and ‘Grapefruit IPA’, but a full range including toothpaste, deodorant, shampoos and conditioners – all of which have crazy positive online ratings. Get out of those dirty clothes, put on a towel, and head over to for more info.


Keep an eye on this place as each week we’ll be reviewing new or upcoming vinyl from a variety of artists. It can be a reprint of a historical recording, a special edition or a new collection of a legendary act. This week, it’s the final two studio albums in a reissue campaign for a group of ’70s art rock influencers.

Art rock legends Roxy Music are embarking on their first tour in over a decade – one stopping at the Wells Fargo Center in September – they’re also re-releasing their entire studio catalog. (Photo courtesy of Michael Christopher)


The year 2022 is undoubtedly the year of celebration for Roxy Music. Not only are the art rock legends embarking on their first tour in over a decade – one stopping at the Wells Fargo Center in September – but they’re also re-releasing their entire studio catalog. This week marks the final two of eight LPs that have been widely heralded as modern classics receiving the anniversary edition treatment.

“Flesh + Blood” was originally released in 1980 and spent 60 weeks in the UK Albums Chart, 17 weeks in the Top 10, four weeks at No. 1 and spawned three UK Top 20 singles, representing the Roxy Music’s commercial peak to date. Ever-evolving frontman and keyboardist Bryan Ferry, saxophonist Andy Mackay and guitarist Phil Manzanera, along with producer Rhett Davis, have alchemized an entirely new and complete atmosphere, moving away from the angular and more frenetic moments of their previous LP. , “Manifesto”, in favor of a kind of fusion of soul and classic pop looking to the future.

The three hit singles, “Over You”, “Oh Yeah (On the Radio)” and “Same Old Scene”, represented high points in the Roxy canon as the album covers Wilson Pickett’s “In the Midnight Hour”. and the Byrds’ “Eight Miles High” completely transforms them into something new.

Released in 1982, ‘Avalon’ is filled with Ferry’s sparkling keyboards and punctuated by Manzanera’s thrifty, chiming guitar work and Mackay’s poetic saxophone bursts, evoking an enigmatic vibe all its own. Named after King Arthur’s fabled final resting place – described by Ferry as “the ultimate romantic fantasy” – there’s a kind of poetic justice to the fact that Roxy Music’s latest studio album has become their biggest hit yet. day.

Conceptualized to be seen as a whole body of work as opposed to a collection of songs, ‘Avalon’s’ individual pieces nonetheless hold their own, no more than on its soulful title track, the dreamlike ‘While My Heart Is Still Beating’ and ‘ More Than This,” which became arguably the band’s most popular song.

“Flesh + Blood” and “Avalon” were both given a new half-speed cut on 180-gram vinyl by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios in London. To reflect the improved audio, the artwork has been similarly overhauled with lyrics and a deluxe gloss laminate finish, making the pair of albums almost like modern works of art.

“Flesh + Blood” and “Avalon,” along with six previous Roxy Music reissues, can be found online and in stores at all respectable retailers that sell vinyl.

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