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‘Absurd’ Tops iTunes Rock Charts

The first week Guns N’ Roses released their new song “Absurd,” it topped the iTunes rock charts, but a week later it wasn’t even in the Top 40. However, Sweet Child of Mine and Welcome to the Jungle are in the Top 40 charts.

‘Sweet Child of Mine’ surpasses one billion streams on Spotify

It was announced this week that ‘Sweet Child of Mine’, the groundbreaking Guns N’ Roses track that propelled the band to the top of Billboard’s cats in the summer of 1988, has finally topped one billion streams on Spotify according to Forbes. . The song topped one billion streams on YouTube in October 2019. Guns N’ Roses’ song “November Rain” also topped one billion streams on YouTube a few years ago.

Guns N’ Roses Takes On Counterfeit Clothing Vendors On ‘Not In This Lifetime’ Tour

Guns N’ Roses is mobilizing its attorneys by suing people who sell counterfeit merchandise outside of their concerts on this Not In This Lifetime tour. I have personally seen these people selling merchandise outside of theaters. Bloomberg would report that the group has partnered with Global Merchandising Services which has an exclusive license to create their clothes which they sell at shows. A lawyer for Global Merchandising Services would tell Bloomberg

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“These bootleggers are, plain and simple, parasites who wrongfully take advantage of the tremendous energies and reputations of performers

Prior to their North American tour, the band was able to obtain court orders in the cities where they perform to authorize police and federal marshals to seize unlicensed goods from smugglers before and after concerts.

Global Merchandising hired a nine-person security team to seize the shirts. Outside of the recent Guns N’ Roses show in East Rutherford, New Jersey, the security team seized over 400 unlicensed shirts. In Detroit, a few days later, the team confiscated nearly 250 jerseys.

Guns N’ Roses supports Mammoth WVH

Guns N’ Roses is on tour with Mammoth WVH, the solo act of Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang. Being the son of Eddie Van Halen of course comes with the haters. Wolfgang was posting an exchange he had with a troll and Guns N’ Roses was supporting him on social media.

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Wolfgang posted an exchange he had with a hater who called him and I quote “little immature kid with a bad attitude” and that he was only on tour with Guns N’ Roses because he’s Eddie’s son.

Wolfie responded to the hater by saying, “Hey man, they can kick me off the tour anytime they want if it doesn’t work out. My last name might have opened the door for me, but it’s not keeping me here, and he certainly doesn’t write, record, sing or play the songs for me either. I do that. So I kindly suggest you eat all my swear words.

After Wolfie shared the exchange on social media, Guns N’ Roses and former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony offered their support. Guns N’ Roses would write on Instagram

“Don’t expect to leave the tour anytime soon,”

Then Anthony added: “Welcome back Wolf. Expletion those guys, keep killing it over there!”

Wolfie thanked people for all the support.

Axl Rose Praises Wolfgang Van Halen’s Album

As part of the 2021 ‘Not in This Lifetime’ tour, Guns N’ Roses opened Mammoth WVH for them. The group is led by Wolfgang Van Halen, the son of Eddie Van Halen. During a recent interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Wolfgang revealed a pretty impressive move from Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose.

“He [Axl] told me he really liked “Don’t Back Down” and he really liked the video, he gave me a hug. I could not believe it. He was a really lovely guy.

“The other day, Duff [McKagan, bass] came to our lodge and he is also a lover.

“He was telling us how Axl said ‘Don’t Back Down’ was just rock ‘n’ roll and I thought that was the biggest compliment I could have heard. It still sounds like a dream .

Guns N’ Roses Releases Pro-Shot Footage From A Recent Concert

Guns N’ Roses has released some cool footage from their recent show at MetLife Stadium. Check it here.

The Guns N’ Roses frontman in Detroit appears on the band’s social media feed

Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose, pictured in Detroit on a recent show, appeared on their social media feed. Look at the picture here:

Guns N’ Roses faced a technical problem at a concert in Detroit last night

Last night at Comerica Part during ‘Welcome to the Jungle’, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash had some technical issues with his guitar. Along with breaking his rope during another song in the set, during the bridge to “Welcome to the Jungle,” you can see Slash talking to his roadies. Check it out below!

Queen’s Brian May talks about Axl Rose and Slash

Brian May, guitarist of legendary band Queen, sat down with Ultimate Classic Rock and discussed touring with Guns N’ Roses and his relationship with guitarist Slash and frontman Axl Rose saying the following:

I don’t know when I first met Slash, but I’m happy to say that we have an ongoing friendship. I guess I was mostly with him when I was doing this support tour for Guns N’ Roses all over the world. It was great for me, because I was playing with people I respect and they respect me too. Axel [Rose] was known to be difficult and regardless, you know, he was always great with me. He always had time to talk to me. I used to go to Axl’s dressing room before they continued. Because Axl would normally have something to say or ask me, which was part of his preparation to go on stage. Slash was just always very relaxed, very cool. That’s always how I saw Slash. He’s a real gentleman and a fantastic musician, of course.

It was great when he played with us when we were on The show tonight. There’s a funny story there, as Slash normally had the cigarette in his mouth. During the rehearsal, these people came in, very seriously, and said, “I’m afraid you can’t do that, Mr. Slash.” This is not permitted by regulation. He said, “Uh, okay.” He turned it off. When the time comes and the cameras are rolling and we’re live, really really live on the Jay Leno show, it’s not taped, he comes in with a cigarette in his mouth. I just looked at him and said, “Yeah, that’s Slash.” You can’t really take that away from him. Not that I want him to smoke. I hate smoking, because it killed my dad. But Slash is an independent spirit. And boy, is that h