Noel Gallagher says rock music has become ‘too middle class’

Rapper Aitch has offered Liam Gallagher a handsome sum of money to feature on his upcoming new album.

Clearly not one to mess around when it comes to big career opportunities, local boy Aitch – from New Moston – took to Twitter yesterday to propose the former Oasis frontman, tagging him and writing simply: ” I will pay £7m to have you on my @liamgallagher album.

Gallagher has yet to respond to the tantalizing offer, despite being known for his antics on Twitter, so we shouldn’t be waiting too long for one of his famously sarcastic responses.

Still, regardless of Liam’s lack of response, fans loved the bizarre proposal, with one jokingly asking the rapper “a ten” and another saying she’d change her name and accept the offer herself. .

And, when someone offered Aitch £6 to ‘stop the music’, the good-natured rapper replied: ‘I’ll send you my bank details now.’

Aitch, real name Harrison Armstrong, is preparing a new record after the release of his latest album Polaris in 2020.

He has previously collaborated with Bugzy Malone and AJ Tracey, although one of the Gallagher brothers would certainly be his biggest partnership yet.

@aitch / Instagram

However, LG already has a lot to do; in October he announced he would be returning to Knebworth Park, the site of historic Oasis concerts in 1996.

Following the release of his new album, ‘C’MON YOU KNOW’, the Mancunian rocker took to Twitter to reveal that he will be taking to the iconic Knebworth stage more than two decades after the famous concerts of Oasis.

He wrote: “Absolutely thrilled to announce that on June 4, 2022 I will be playing Knebworth. It will be biblical. Come on you know. LG x”.