Rock Band Dark Capricorn Rising Set To Dominate Rock Music With Song ‘Land Of Broken Souls’

The rock music genre is one of the most expressive genres of all time. New age heavy rock band songs Rise of Black Capricorn have a unique connectivity with listeners. With the combination of melody and energy, they create a song that can be considered one of the most outstanding tracks in rock music. The song land of broken soulsvents their inner dissatisfaction through song. Rock music has been used to show disgust against any social upheaval by musical artists in different eras. The group seems to know the essence of the genre very well.


Currently growing on Spotify, the band is a heavy rock band based in Canton, Michigan. The band was formed in 2018. One thing that is often said about them is that they sound like “Black Sabbath on steroids”. They have released around 20 songs so far and all of them are loved by their listeners. Intrinsically talented, the group includes Rocky di Iacovo, Rick Young and Justin Williams. The songs are written by Justin Williams. The lyrics of the song “Land of Broken Souls” will touch your heart through the deeply felt verses.

Musical contributions:

Rise of Black Capricorn is dedicated to music. Their dedication is evidenced by every song they have composed so far. The fusion of electronic and organic music created a rock-heavy metal arena that impressed people of different ages, cultures and values. Their efficiency in making music is clearly visible in the EP like “Equinox” and some songs like Bureaucracy, “Into the Night”, “God Save Ukraine”, and others.

The single ”Land of Broken Souls”

It’s one of the best songs they’ve written so far. The voice and the music evolve naturally in a climactic way. Organic and pure in every way, the song has the power to make you its fan. Dreamlike composition accompanied by electronic and organic fingerstyles, the song tells the emotion of the group. He also connects with audiences through his catchy and infectious hooks.

The fusion of modern and retro music in the background shows the band’s passion for the genre. So, check the song on Spotify. For more and all upcoming updates, follow them on their official Facebook account. You can listen to their songs on SoundCloud, Reverb Nation and Apple Music. Finally, they are also present on Youtube. So also subscribe to their channel so you don’t miss any updates.

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