Tara Who? Bring back the lost glory of organic rock music with their song ‘Asian Blood’

Released March 4 Tara Who? offers Asian blood. The song is compelling for its bold lyricism, sublime subject matter, and metallic instrumental arrangement.

Tara Who? is a new-age rock music enthusiast who came up with the latest track Asian blood. The track is inspired by the feminist punk movement Riot grrrl, initiated in the 1990s. It is about getting older and realizing that society is unfair to people who feel the need to look younger to get a role. The song will remind you of the essence of classic rock music from the 90s. The two artists, Tarah and Coralie, expressed their role brilliantly. It seems like they are striving to bring back the lost glory of rock music again.

Enriched with the metallic instrumental arrangement, the song also shares a message about the irreversibility of time. Mixed by Norm Block (L7, Alain Johannes, Girl Friday) and mastered by Jesse Cannon (The Cure, The Misfits, Limp Bizkit), it reflects the universal truth that time never waits. The two artists of Tara Who? are known for their bold lyricism and explicitly address the subject of the song. Their effectiveness in the genre is blazing in all the songs they’ve uploaded to date. So, be sure to follow this duo on Instagram and their official website so you don’t miss any updates.

Asian blood is now available on Spotify in the UK and US.

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