The Armagh band rise to the top of the UK and Ireland iTunes rock charts with new single – Armagh I

A band from Armagh have risen to the top of the UK and Irish iTunes Rock charts with their brand new single.

Martin Rafferty sits proudly above musical luminaries Fleetwood Mac, Stereophonics and Queen with the single “You’ll Never Be Alone” – a song the band never really intended to release.

Speaking to Armagh I tonight, lead singer Martin Rafferty – after whom the band is named – said he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“We really can’t believe how fast it all happened,” he said, ahead of the single’s launch party on Saturday night.

“It all happened by accident,” he explained. “I wrote the song about Armagh man Stevie McGeown running 100 marathons in 100 days for all the different charities.

“I recorded the song acoustically on my phone and sent it to him, complete with the original signed lyrics.

“He then asked me to record it professionally with the whole band so it could be used for different things.

“I took it and recorded it over the summer with the other band members: Dave Mulgrave; Conor Cunningham and Jordie Kelly.

Martin explained how an Irish music label ‘Up Close and Personal Records’ got in touch around the same time and asked if the band had any new recorded songs ready to be released – they sent them ‘You’ll Never Be Alone”.

Martin added: “That’s when it went from being a promotional song for Stevie to a real planned release. Stevie and the band decided that 100% of the money should go to charity. charity IODP, which helps bring Christmas to orphaned children in Belarus, which is why we hosted a local launch party with all ticket sales going to the charity.

“We’re just a local rock band from Armagh with no major label backing who expected a few downloads, not to hit No. 1 on the Irish and UK iTunes Rock charts in the space of 24 hours – amazing!”

Listen and download the single here.

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