The Curious makes noise with an immersive rock music video “Be Alright” available on YouTube

A new age rock band, The Curious, gives a buzzing music video, ‘Be well’. The music video entertains with its immersive music, brilliant lyrics, and engaging theme.

A new age rock band, The Curious, has released amazing rock songs and music videos. One of their latest releases, Be well has conquered the hearts of all kinds of rock music lovers. The band gained worldwide recognition in the six years since its formation. The four-member group includes Alexander Dreyer Nuti, Jay Fricker, Dominic Smith and Sam Roberts. They have performed nationwide in the UK including BST Hyde Park, Camp Bestival and Into the Wild. With their musical ability and deep understanding of the genre, the group gave sublime performances. The song Be well deals with a troubled childhood. It describes a child who faced many obstacles because of his abusive parent and who imagined becoming a superhero and saving the world from evil.

The four members took charge of their respective instruments. Together they presented a frenetic and euphoric, emotional and energizing rock arena. The vocalist seems to infuse all his energy into the song to make it punchy and effective. Moreover, the spirit of being true rockstars is felt in their composition. The track is creatively rich and musically buzzing. In visualizations, the team did pretty well. It captures the essence of the music and theme brilliantly and makes for an impeccably captivating music video. So check out this music video on YouTube; subscribe to their channel. For more information, follow The Curious on Instagram, Facebook, TwitterApple Music, Spotify and their official website.

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