The year in the rock charts: Imagine Dragons, Portugal. The Reign of Man and Metallica

Considering the likely expectations for Imagine Dragons’ third album, it seems fair to say that it exceeded them.

After all, despite a second effort, 2015 Smoke + Mirrorswhich debuted atop the Billboard 200 with 195,000 first week equivalent album units, according to Nielsen Music, and ended as the No. 4 album on BillboardOn the Year-End Alternative Albums Chart that year, the ensemble failed to produce any utter-worthy follow-up singles in the same breath as “It’s Time”, “Radioactive” and ” Demons”, the three top 20 Billboard Hot 100 hits from the group’s 2012 debut album, night vision. Even the genre stock of Las Vegas rockers depreciated, with no songs from Smoke + Mirrors crowning the Hot Rock Songs or Alternative Songs charts which had been dominated by the group in 2013 (although leader Smoke single “I Bet My Life” reached No. 3).

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Maybe the concept of a Second Crisis isn’t real and it was nothing more than a coincidence, but in 2017 Imagine Dragons proved all naysayers wrong. To evolvewho helped the band reign supreme as Billboard‘s Top Rock Artist of 2017, his second time to win the accolade, having won top honors in 2013.

Not that topping this year’s charts should come as too big of a surprise. In addition to the year-end Top Rock Artist title, the group landed a slew of No. 1s for artists, albums and songs.

Dan Reynolds and co. topped the Hot Rock Songs Artists, Rock Streaming Songs Artists, Rock Airplay Artists, Rock Digital Song Sales Artists, Alternative Albums Artists and Alternative Songs Artists charts. To evolve takes the year-end cake for Alternative Albums and ranks No. 2 on Top Rock Albums, while lead single “Believer” reigns over Hot Rock Songs, Rock Streaming Songs, Rock Airplay, Rock Digital Song Sales, Alternative Songs and Alternative Digital Song Sales. The follow-up “Thunder” also lands several top-five finishes at the end of the year.

The success of the new album led Imagine Dragons to a combined 31 weeks at No. 1 on Hot Rock Songs, including the 29-week reign of “Believer”, the second longest in chart history after 30 weeks of running from twenty-one pilots. with “Heathens” (from August 27, 2016). The band added 17 weeks to No. 1 on Rock Airplay, all via “Believer.” Together, “Believer” and “Thunder” racked up 16 weeks atop Alternative Songs, a feat the band weren’t even able to accomplish with their debut LP, which produced the 13-week No. “Radioactive”.

And then there’s crossover success. Smoke + Mirrorswhich meant a slight departure from the bass-shaking, constantly morphing sound of its predecessor in exchange for Mumford & Sons-style folk stompers and generally simpler alt-rock fare, only landed a single top 40 on the Hot 100: “I Bet My Life,” which peaked at No. 28 and also became the only track from the album to chart on the Pop Songs release chart, also peaking at No. 28.

To evolvewho reconsidered night vision‘ tiered approach, took the group to two top 10s on the Hot 100, steering the act to #9 on the Hot 100 Artists Year-End Recap for 2017, with “Believer” making the ending Hot of the Year 100 Songs chart at No. 9. Pop radio joined in for more success, with “Believer” charting at No. 3 for the year on adult pop songs and No. 15 on pop songs.

Portugal is the man: If there was one alternative rock story that could rival Imagine Dragons in 2017, it would be Portugal. That of Man. A longtime band from Alaska whose best-charting song was No. 15 “Purple Yellow Red and Blue” on Alternative Songs in 2013, the quintet stormed the rock – and pop – charts with ” Feel It Still”, the giant single of 2017 Woodstock.

Among the song’s accolades: No. 1 on the Year-End Adult Alternative Songs chart, No. 2 for the year on Rock Airplay, and No. 3 on the Hot Rock Songs and Alternative Songs end-of-year counts. ‘year. Comparatively, yes, Portugal. The Man had made a Year-End Songs chart before… at No. 49, with “Purple” on the 2013 Year-End Alternative Songs chart. But nothing else.

In total, the group racked up the accolade of No. 1 artist on Adult Alternative Songs for 2017 and finished No. 2 and 4 on Rock Airplay and Alternative Songs respectively, helped not only by the runaway success of “Feel” but also the follow-up single “Live in the Moment”, which reached the Adult Alternative Songs and Alternative Songs charts at the end of the charts year.

In all, “Feel” spent a combined 45 weeks at the top Billboard‘s rock airplay charts in 2017 and even added four- and three-week runs to No. 1 on Adult Pop Songs and Pop Songs, respectively, marking the group’s first appearances on either chart. The song became a top five hit on the Hot 100, peaking at No. 4, and stands as a surefire candidate for one of 2017’s most unlikely hits of any genre.

Chart Revival(ists): The Revivalists have come a long way to become Billboard‘s Top New Rock Artist of 2017. The New Orleans-based roots-rock seven-piece released his latest album, Men among the mountainsin July 2015, adding a week-long appearance on Adult Alternative Songs later that year with “Keep Going”, which peaked at No. 29.

Then came “Wish I Knew You”, although there’s still more to the story here that predates 2017. The second single from Men first premiered Adult Alternative Songs in May 2016, eventually reaching the top of the chart for a two-week reign in October 2016. debuting at No. 37 on Alternative Songs, the group’s first appearance on the chart.

He is always there.

“Wish,” which spent all year on the Alternative Songs chart, ended as the #2 Alternative Songs track of 2017, largely due to that longevity (it didn’t fall outside top 10 since March), including a week at No. 1 in May. The song ended its run on Rock Airplay, where it peaked at No. 2, in October, after spending 67 weeks on the chart, second all-time to Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive” (68 weeks).

“Wired…” for No. 1: The only rock band that could take on Imagine Dragons in terms of album popularity in 2017? Metallica, including Wired… to self-destruct is No. 1 on the year-end charts for Top Rock Albums and Hard Rock Albums.

The album moved 1.1 million units in the year 2017, the only rock album to even surpass 800,000 units. The sum includes a first week of 291,000 units that saw the set debut atop the Billboard 200 in December 2016, arriving as Metallica’s sixth No. 1 on the chart, dating back to its premiere in 1991. This effort? The self-titled black album, which moved enough units (268,000) in 2017 to reach No. 2 on the year-end Hard Rock Albums chart.

Metallica also maintained its status as a longtime rock radio cornerstone, ranking No. 2 among mainstream rock artists for 2017. Five songs from the new album made the survey during the year, led by the n ° 1 of two weeks. “Atlas, get up! ” in February. The success of this album and song helped the band rank No. 4 on the Top Rock Artist Year-End Recap.

“One more light” for Linkin Park: Rap-rock veterans Linkin Park were on course to top the 2017 Rock Artist of the Year chart following the May release of their new album. On July 20, frontman Chester Bennington committed suicide, and fans flocked to the band’s catalog for comfort. One more lightthe group’s seventh studio, debuted atop the Billboard 200 in June (becoming the group’s sixth No. 1) with 111,000 units earned, and lead single “Heavy”, featuring Kiiara, had become the first top 20 of the group on Pop Songs in nearly a decade, peaking at No. 16 in April.

The band’s output surged after Bennington passed away and Linkin Park finished 2017 as the 3rd top rock artist. One more lightNo. 7 on the Year-End Top Rock Albums list, is joined in the top 20 by the band’s debut album, 2000’s [Hybrid Theory] (#20). In fact, Linkin Park is the #2 act of 2017 on Hard Rock Albums artists, a feat accomplished despite Light not being sonically eligible for the weekly Hard Rock Albums Chart, led by the performance of 262,000 units in the year of the chart for The theory (#3 on the year-end Hard Rock Albums chart).

Linkin Park added a record in the Hot Rock Songs chart, with nearly half – 23 out of 50 – of the August 12 chart housing the band’s songs following increased sales, streaming and airplay in remembrance of Bennington.

BillboardYear-end music summaries are based on chart performance between charts dated December 3, 2016 and November 25, 2017. Data recorded before or after a track’s ranking is not considered in this ranking . This methodological detail and the December-November period explain some of the differences between these lists and the calendar year summaries independently compiled by Nielsen Music.