The young musical talent ready to rock the music charts

Abhishek Kalia

New Delhi : This Indian musical artist has already made a place for himself in the hearts of listeners from an early age.

People walk their respective paths, thinking that they will go with the flow and achieve the desired success. However, each path has many challenges that individuals must face in order to rise higher as a refined talent, be it in any field. For this, resilience is something they need to develop more in them and also focus on constant efforts in the right direction. The music industry is a space that has posed several hurdles in the way of artists, as it is already a saturated industry with tons of talent entering it every day. However, a few individuals have still paved their own path to success with constant practice and honed skills and have achieved their definition of success. Abhishek Kalia is one of the best examples of such talented young beings in the music world.

He is a modern day singer and musician who made people fall in love with his voice and tonal qualities at the age of 21. To be in such a difficult industry required courage and talent, which Abhishek Kalia had from a young age. Realizing his true purpose, he ventured into the music industry unafraid of competition and today has built up a loyal base of fans and followers.

His songs Unwanted, My Way, The Last Run, Destination, My Winning, Yo Lili, Done With You and Underground on various streaming platforms helped prove his mettle in the industry and also helped him stand out others for the unique character he brings to each of his songs through his euphonic sound.

Listeners and music lovers absolutely adored his songs and felt compelled to listen to more of his tracks every day, which undoubtedly makes Abhishek Kalia one of the most promising musical artists of recent times. For more, follow him on Instagram @iabhishekkalia (over 100,000 subscribers) or check out his YouTube channel (19,000 subscribers)